Review in The Times alongside Vincent Herring

Flattered to be featured in a double review by Chris Pearson in The Times. Dance Little Lady, Dance Little Man is covered alongside and album the great American saxophonist Vincent Herring. You can read it here, although it’s behind a paywall. The part about my album reads:

“There’s more sophisticated swing from another alto saxophonist, the Londoner Sam Braysher, whose trio explore the dustier corners of the Great American Songbook. In their airy persistence his renditions of Shall We Dance? and Little White Lies recall Lee Konitz’s classic Motion. Yet he and the bassist Tom Farmer and the drummer Jorge Rossy infuse their interpretations with an array of ideas beyond the simply straightahead.

Tongue-in-cheek arrangements expand to reveal sincere soloing. One Note Samba is humorously hooted like a fire alarm but really smokes once Braysher blazes. Heart and Soul’s piano-exercise status is sent up but it soon beats to the East Coast minimalism of Gerry Mulligan. No gags are necessary on Some Other Spring and This Nearly Was Mine, where Rossy’s idiophones and Braysher’s lyrical sax elegantly intertwine.”