Phelan Burgoyne Quintet ft. Jorge Rossy

Very much looking forward to playing some gigs this month with an international quintet put together by young London drummer Phelan Burgoyne and featuring the great Jorge Rossy on vibraphone. Best known as a drummer (and particularly for his role  in Brad Mehldau’s trio from the mid ’90s to the mid ’00s), Jorge has, in more recent years, concentrated on the vibraphone. Continue reading “Phelan Burgoyne Quintet ft. Jorge Rossy”



Bud Powell’s solo on Celia, the pianist’s own composition named for his daughter, is one of the great bebop performances. A real one-chorus-wonder, it appears on the album Jazz Giant, which comprises two trio sessions: one recorded in 1949 with Ray Brown and Max Roach, and one from 1950 with Roach and Curley Russell. Continue reading “Celia”

Way Down Yonder in New Orleans

One of the songs I picked for my recent duo recording with Michael Kanan was Way Down Yonder in New Orleans. Written in 1922 by Turner Layton and Henry Creamer, the African-American songwriting team also responsible for the more well-known After You’ve Gone, Way Down Yonder seems to only really be played by more trad/Dixieland bands now. It’s a fun sequence to improvise over though, with an unusual 28 bar form and a couple of interesting harmonic corners. Here’s a video of Layton himself performing it. Continue reading “Way Down Yonder in New Orleans”